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Flagstone Donor Wall

A Unique Way to...

"Be Part of the Solution - Help Restore Arrowhead Ridge for Public Use"


It's Simple and It's In Stone.

Dedicate a flagstone plaque to a loved one or be a donor and let the world know that you care about restoring Arrowhead Ridge for everyone to enjoy, your children, your grandchildren, all the mountain residents, and for the thousands of visitors to Lake Arrowhead and the San Bernardino Mountain communities.

Vision of the Future

Two renowned local artisans, stone carver and sculptor Marcel Mächler and stone mason Mike Rose will be creating the donor and memorial wall.

Engraved donor and memorial stones are available in these rough cut sizes with a maximum of 35 Two inch letters.


12” x 12” - 15 One inch letters................. $1000

12” x 18” - 20 One inch letters................. $1500

12” x 24” - 25 One & half inch letters.....$2500

18” x 24” - 30 One & half inch letters.....$3500

24” x 24” - 35 Two inch letters..................$5000 us at

Characters above 35 Two inch letters will require a custom order.

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