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Ways to Give to SBMLT

There are many ways to support SBMLT



There are many ways to join the the SBMLT community of friends and supporters, whether you are a member, volunteer, donor or participant in one of our community events. Every gift you give helps the San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust acquire and return more private in-holdings to the San Bernardino National Forest for permanent protection.

Over 12,000 Acres Have Been Saved

We have much more work to do with close to 40,000 more acres of forest land in the San Bernardino Mountains subject to development.

With your online gift you will be welcomed into a family of dedicated individuals committed to protecting the San Bernardino Mountains biologically rich habitats.



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When you join The San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust today, you'll make a difference and become a part of the San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust mission to protect unspoiled parcels of forest land now under private ownership and returning them to the San Bernardino National Forest for the enjoyment of the public today and for future generations.

Just complete our safe and secure online membership form and you'll receive:

  • Our e-newsletter, Forest View, filled with nature photography and news on the San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust latest projects.
  • Invitations to special events, outdoor activities and volunteer gathering.

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When you renew your membership, you're renewing your commitment to the San Bernardino Mountains and helping to protect the 40,000 acres under threat.

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           We understand you may wish to make a gift without membership.

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More Ways to Give

Honorary Tribute Giving

When you celebrate a loved one with an honorary tribute gift from the San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust you can recognize someone special, commemorate a milestone or a significant occasion;  a birthday, wedding, anniversary or retirement.  Learn more about Honorary Tribute Giving.


Honor The Memory of a Loved One

You can express your sympathy and respect for your loved one when you give a memorial gift in remembrance.  Learn more about Memorial Giving.


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