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Email:   i                                                                                                           San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust                                                                              501(3)(C) non-profit organization                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Tax ID# 33-0700417                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Frequently Asked Questions

About Planned Giving

How should I refer to San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust in my estate plans?

San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust should be designated as: San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust, a California non-profit benefit corporation, with Business Address of 2346 Fox Lane, Arrowbear Lake ,California,92382.

What is San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust's taxpayer identification number?

The SBMLT Tax ID Number is 33-0700417.

Does San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust need to know my bequest intentions?

We recognize that you may wish to keep your bequest intentions confidential. At the same time, we greatly appreciate knowing when San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust has been included in an individual’s estate plan. This helps us facilitate your wishes and enables us to express our gratitude for this long-term commitment to our mission.

We will respect your wish to keep your wishes confidential. We recognize donors who include San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust in their estate plans through membership in our San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust Legacy Society. Members of this special group receive invitations to events and outings, and are listed on our website Society page paying tribute to our Legacy Society donors. Should you wish to be designated  as an anonymous member,  we will respect your confidential intentions.

Do I need to retain legal or financial counsel to establish a planned gift with San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust?

Yes, it is strongly recommended that you involve your personal legal or financial advisor in this process.  San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust can only provide information, we can not provide legal or financial advice.

Can I designate how my bequest will be used?

We suggest you specify that your bequest be “used in such a manner as the Board of Directors of the San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust shall, in its discretion, determine.” If you prefer to restrict your bequest to a particular program, San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust is pleased to work with you to ensure your wishes will be met.

What are the tax benefits of bequests and life income gifts?

Contributions to San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust, as to other charitable organizations, are not subject to gift or estate taxes. With life income gifts such as charitable remainder trusts, an income tax deduction can be taken for the current value of the “remainder interest” of the donation. Appreciated assets transferred to a charitable remainder trust also do not incur capital gains taxes when the assets are sold.

What are the advantages of making a bequest to San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust?

For many people, a bequest offers the opportunity to make a more substantial gift than would be possible during one’s lifetime. For those with retirement accounts, real estate, or other assets that have appreciated over time, it may not be possible or advisable to use these assets to make an outright contribution. These assets can be designated instead to a planned gift to maximize tax and other financial benefits.

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