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San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust
Nonprofit Organization 501(C)(3)
Tax ID # 33-0700417                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Leadership & Staff

Dedicated Stewards of the Forest


San Bernardino Peak


Peter Jorris co-founded the San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust in 1995. He is a former land surveyor and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He worked as volunteer for the organization for twelve years before joining the Board of Directors in 2007.

Polly Sauer, Vice President

Polly Sauer joined the Board of Directors in 2012.  Polly enjoyed a career overseas for 20 years as a worldwide business development and marketing consultant. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications and Theatre Arts from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point.


Jeri Simpson became a member of the San Bernardino Mountains communities in 2016. Since that time, she has been active on the mountain, becoming Treasurer for the San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust in 2022. She is also the Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Lake Arrowhead and the Lake Arrowhead Rotary Foundation. Moreover, Jeri serves on the Board of Directors of the Women's Club of Lake Arrowhead.  Jeri holds a Master's Degree in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building and is a retired Human Resource exceutive.



Reverend, Randy Buecheler is the Senior Pastor of Mount Calvary Luthern Church of Lake Arrowhead and is on the Board of the church's two schools on the mountain, Mount Calvary Early Education Center in Lake Arrowhead and Kids Corner School in Running Springs. He has been a member of the Rotary Club of Lake Arrowhead for over 20 years. Pastor Buecheler is also an avid hiker and backpacker in the local mountains and around the world.


Craig Carpenter joined the Board of Directors in 2022 and brings experience in geospatial and mapping expertise. He holds a Master's Degree in Geographic Information Systems and is active in his local community of Arrowbear, located in the San Bernardino Mountains.

KARLA KELLEMS, Coordinator, Membership and Outreach

Karla supports staff and assists with facilitating communications between staff, partners, affiliates, members, and the community. Karla holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology.


Kevin Kellems holds the position of Projects Manager for the San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust.  His chief function is identifying the top acquisition sites, prioritizing each project and carrying out all complex real estate transactions.  Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology.


Nicholas Reksten is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Economics at the University of Redlands, California. His primary teaching and research field is the economics of environment and climate change. He holds a PhD in Economics from American University.


For the past 22 years, Sandy Steers has served as executive director of the Friends of the Big Bear Valley, an educational environmental nonprofit organization, focused on protecting Big Bear Valley's special habitats and species and connecting people with nature. Her training and background are in biology, neuro-linguistic programming and connecting spirituality with science.

ED WALLACE, Director

Ed Wallace has been a member of the San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust for a decade. During his career he was project manager for a large engineering and construction company and managed large-scale projects world-wide. He holds a of Bachelor Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Cleveland State University.

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